We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of country throughout our nation, and we pay our respect to Elders past and present. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ connection to land, sea and community, and respect their cultural, spiritual and educational practises.

A national summit to address equity and equality in education.


Bridging the Divide seeks to spotlight and explore equity in education through tangible discussions, insightful panels and practical workshops on opportunities for change. The summit will ask questions and posit models for economic investment, political capital, initial teacher education, decolonisation in the classroom, wellness, student-led learning, teaching culture, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community connection, supportive practices and inclusion.

Participants will experience a diversity of practices, share aspirations and partake in solutions for public education and its role in creating a just and inclusive society within an equity framework. The Bridging the Divide Summit is a strategic opportunity to join over 1,000 educators from early childhood, primary, secondary and TAFE sectors, students and other partners from across Australia to outline the visions, challenges and solutions needed in ensuring that every child and young person has access to high quality public education.

Who Should Attend?

Teachers, students, public education stakeholders, community representatives, elected officials, researchers and those with an interest in public education and equity. The summit is a unique opportunity for professional development, inspiration and hope for teachers to hear from peers and experts on matter that directly affect their careers and day-today work, as well as to share your point-of-view and experiences with a view to creating robust, teacher and student-led discourse into the needs, change and futures of public education for a more equitable Australia.

Accessibility Statement

YDA and the AEU value diversity and are committed to ensuring that this is an inclusive event. If there is anything you require to make this event more inclusive and accessible please let us know via


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